Special Product Programs

We created a couple of special product programs that can help any company, in any industry, make a more powerful statement. We offer a one-of-a-kind "sustainable added value packaging" program that will not only up your product packaging game and excite your customers but show everyone that you're committed to sustainability. Additionally, we want to help your employees look more professional and carry better on-the-go. We'll work with you to design, develop and manufacture custom branded carry products just for your company, no more expensive co-branding!

Product² Packaging™

A box in a box is stupid. It's time to ditch the box and give your customersmore value and your brand more exposure.

Custom Branded Corporate Carry

Custom, professional bags with your company logo. They'll make your employees look awesome.

Product² Packaging 

It’s Time To Ditch The Box...

The box-in-a-box scenario isn’t new. You receive a

package in a cardboard box. Open it up. The

product you had shipped in that cardboard box is

in yet another box. Consumers are getting increasingly

frustrated with this and it’s taking a heavy toll on the

environment. We’ve built a “sustainable added value

packaging” (SAVP) program and the goal is to “ditch the box.”


We're Thinking Beyond The Box.

Products should be packaged in something useful and sustainable\that adds more value to the product and your brand. Why not give your customers a product inside another product? Product² Packaging™ is our take on evolving the way brands package their products.

We offer custom designed, branded and useful products that can serve as the “packaging” for your main products. This greatly improves the customer experience with your brand. Plus, your customers will use this “packaging” for many years to come,
furthering your brand awareness and making your sustainablilitymessaging more powerful.

The Right Ingredients.

Because we design products, we know the

importance of using the right materials. The

materials we source for Product² Packaging™

are eco-friendly, high-quality and affordable.

This is why we’ve partnered with Unifi, Inc. to 

make our fabrics out of REPREVE® fiber.

These innovative fabrics are made with 100%

recycled materials, including post-consumer

plastic bottles. REPREVE® is one of the most

certified, earth-friendly fibers available in the world.

Product² Packaging™ with REPREVE® fibers are a

win-win for everyone, so it’s time to reach out and

talk to us about ditching the box.


Let’s get started and create some awesome packaging that makes the world a better place!

  REPREVE® is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc.

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Custom Corporate Branded Carry

We're tired of seeing poorly designed, dime-a-dozen backpacks and bags with company logos on them. These bags are usually picked out of a catalog that makes a million other cheap corporate branded products or they are purchased from an existing brand-name bag company which can be very costly. This makes your employees look less professional and usually doesn't fit their daily carry needs. The workforce is more mobile than ever and it's time that companies have their own branded bags that was designed specifically for their needs. VAGARI's Corporate Branded Carry program, offers businesses access to custom designed and company branded backpacks, shoulder bags, or any other carry product you can dream up. Not only can we design a sharp looking bag that's unique to your company but we can also offer an optional design feature that everyone needs on the go - integrated mobile power! Your employees will be able to keep their mobile devices charged on the go with the built in, smart technology we offer. Our corporate branded carry program offers your company a custom designed, more professional bag than you'll get from a promotional company and a more affordable solution than buying and co-branding an existing brand-name bag.

We do a lot. If you have any questions as to how we can help or if you have a project in mind please reach out and we're happy to discuss more!

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