Professional Product Testing

Media test product, but they're usually not experts in product. We know every detail that goes into making a product so we know every little thing to look for when testing product. We are able to give you the most thorough analysis of how it performs and specific recommendations on how it can be improved. An expert 3rd party testing source will add much needed outside resource to your design team.

+ Continuous testing & ongoing analysis reports

+ Generate and provide professional product    photo content from testing for brand use

Product Tracking & Strategy Services

There is nothing more rewarding than finally releasing your products into the "wild" for your customers to enjoy. However, the path to truly remarkable products doesn't stop there, it's only just begun. A product may be experienced and perceived in an entirely different light from its intended design by the time it hits the market. Even if it's successful at first, the market may shift and make it irrelevant...all while you're ramping up inventory for what worked before, rather than planning what will work next. 

Computers fall short in gathering data on how real people experience real product in the real world. As far as we know, a computer can't use gear and tell you it's "expert" opinion. It also can't have a meaningful, empathetic discussion on how a product performs in real-world situations. Only people can truly grasp what makes products great, or not so much. However, getting their real feedback and quickly adapting your course is challenging, to say the least. There are two more huge roadblocks to getting important product feedback that can make or break a design...

1.) Most of your customers are not proactive to provide their feedback, they're only reactive to the most dire circumstances.

2.) Even when they do give their feedback, it's difficult for this data to efficiently make it past the customer service "front-lines" to the strategy & design teams that can adapt the plan in a meaningful way. 

This means a lot of important and meaningful information on your products' performance falls through the cracks and is more vulnerable to stagnation with fast-changing consumer needs. Our product tracking & strategy services dig up the real picture that computers can't. We proactively monitor, test and request feedback from real users and your customer service front-lines. We constantly catalog and organize this information so you're always up to date and responsive your products' performance and changes in the market direction. 


We're a collective of product experts, who better to 3rd party test & analyze your products!?

Professional Product Testing & Analysis

User Experience Tracking

We'll dig up the real world feedback and bridge the gap from the front-lines to your product strategy.

Market Direction Tracking

We'll track the market and competitors relevant to your product(s).

Product Strategy

We'll take all the testing and tracking results, analyze them and provide a constantly adaptive product strategy.

Market Direction Tracking

We'll use a similar process to our product user experience tracking but dig out the important market information relevant to your products. You'll get an ongoing analysis of your market and competitors so you'll know how to adapt your strategy for success.

+ Consistent communication with media in your market

+ Consistent monitoring of competitor landscape and product reviews

+ Focus groups

+ Organize & catalog all feedback in a clear and  relatable way

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User Experience Tracking

With this proactive service, we'll provide you with a constantly updating picture of how your product(s) are perceived in the market by users. This will give you the real-world, real-time user experience feedback on your products that computers cannot. User experience 

tracking will help you be adapt to changes and feedback more quickly so your products can adapt to changing needs and stay relevant.

+ Consistent communication with customer service

+ Consistent monitoring of product reviews

+ Focus groups

+ Organize & catalog all feedback in a clear and  relatable way

We do a lot. If you have any questions as to how we can help or if you have a project in mind please reach out and we're happy to discuss more!

Product Strategy

In a perfect world your strategy and design team would always be up to date with the current and changing needs of their customers. This rarely happens but we help eliminate this disconnect. We'll proactively monitor, communicate and organize the real world user experience of your products so you're always in tune with what's working and what isn't. We'll use this information to provide you a constantly updating product strategy that's reactive and adaptive to the market and your customers.

+ Organize & catalog all feedback from testing and tracking a clear and relatable way

+ Analyze all data and provide adaptive product strategy recommendations | +1 720.641.7117 |