Product Design & Development

Carry products. It's what we do!* We'll bring your idea from the napkin sketch to full-functional, gotta-have-it product.

+ Market & Product Research

+ Design Direction Brief

+ Product Concepts

+ Final Designs/Computer Artwork

+ Material & Trim Sourcing

+ Manufacturing Specification Package 

+ Development of Functional Prototypes

*We mostly focus on carry products, however, we've done a lot of different projects. We're open-minded, if you have a cut & sew project, throw it at us. If we can help we will, if not, we can connect you with someone that can.

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Product Creation Services

When working with the VAGARI Design Collective, you'll have our full-array of experience, skills and network at your disposal to make your products a successful reality


Today, the world is changing faster than ever. Good businesses and products are failing everyday because they cannot keep up with the rapid 

market changes. Whether you're a large business or just getting going, VAGARI Design Collective can serve as an extension of your product team so your products stay remarkable, adaptive and thrive in the market.

We'll make your ideas tangible.

They'll also look good. Like really, really good.

DESIGN & Development


Take your design to the people! 

We can make it locally or offshore. 


Whether we designed it or you already have a developed a product, we can turn your designs into real product. Even if you're familiar with manufacturing cut and sew goods, it can be a complex and overwhelming process. Not with us.


We have production dialed. Our long-established partnerships with many leading global 

manufacturers and material suppliers make it easy, streamlined and efficient for our customers.

Let us take care of your production so you can focus on important things like how many products you're going to sell

+ Full production runs for cut & sew products

+ U.S. and off-shore factory options

+ Production management

+ On-site production quality control inspections

+ Logistics Coordination

We do a lot. If you have any questions as to how we can help or if you have a project in mind please reach out and we're happy to discuss more! | +1 720.641.7117 |