Creative Content & Brand Development 

In addition to developing the MHM and CO.ALITION product lines, we had to focus heavily on developing every aspect of the brands themselves. We have extensive experience in brand strategy planning and creating effective brand voice and feel. In addition, we were responsible for the ideation of new marketing programs, planning their implementation, creating & writing copy. The honest, humorous and direct branding we created made the brands far more relatable and approachable than most of our competitors. We were able to show our true authenticity that many brands pretend to have so our supporters were personally connected to the brands and true advocates for our products.

We shifted our business model to sell entirely direct to consumer, we essentially had to re-develop the business, our programs and our branding from the ground up. We had to build branding that portrayed the new business model's value by creating novel, simple ways to portray the products for the best online user experience.


Given that backpacks are very touch, see, feel type products we had to create a very clear, quick & simple visual representation of the products so we used state-of-the-art 360 degree photography to give the user a completely interactive, close up experience of every bag. Further I ideated automatic sequences to highlight our key features that we produced in-house. 



To supplement the interactive 360 degree product assets, we created a clear and relatable graphics system to give the user a quick understanding of the pack's true volume and uses.

The branding for CO.ALITION was always focused on the urban user that needed a versatile bag for multiple uses and environments in the course of a day, but could also function for 1-2 days of travel. In addition, we created the branding needed to portray the clean, high-end aesthetic, quality and innovative function of the bags. The final part of this was the challenge of simply showing users the integrated technology options available to add into the bags. These were the world's first smart packs. | +1 720.641.7117 |