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We live in a world that's increasingly less  "tangible". We still believe in the power of creating tangible products that help people enjoy their life's pursuits and encourage more wandering. Over the years, we've learned that most of life's best experiences usually involve a bag of some sort. Whether you're wandering the globe or summiting a mountain you need a great bag to make that experience one you'll never forget. Commuting to work or going to your first sleepover as a kid are seemingly simple but have powerful memories, even the simple stuff has great meaning and you still needed a way to easily carry your "stuff" so those experiences are more impactful.


This is why designing and developing better ways to carry stuff is what we live for. 


We're obsessed with the entire process of creating remarkable, adaptive and innovative carry products.  Creating the content that makes products feel real and look as good as they perform keeps us dreaming. Testing and tracking a products' user experience to find the real world "data" that computers can't gives us better perspective. Harnessing the power of collective expertise to help companies "wander" through the ever-changing market with a purposeful, yet adaptive strategy makes us relentless.

We believe it takes more than just design to create the best products. That's why our design collective offers our clients a streamlined, full-service, experience for everything it takes to create truly impactful products that adapt and survive. We connect the front-line customer needs with your product and content strategies. We could be your missing link.

We can take your products to the next level with our proven ability to see something familiar with a fresh perspective, gain new insights and

create something remarkable that makes people talk...

“VAGARI took an assignment and turned it into a an unseen revenue opportunity for our brand. Originally tasked with designing a limited-run press kit package for media, they designed a real, useful, product we can actually market and add to our product line. We couldn’t happier with how it turned out – it’s on-brand, it’s functional and VAGARI was great to work with throughout the entire process.

- Adam Greene, Marketing Director


“Working with VAGARI was seamless. Not only did they provide great attention to detail and ask the right questions, they went above and beyond on the execution and delivered the final product ahead of schedule. I would most definitely recommend VAGARI if you want to see your ideas come to life.

- Daniel Calabrese, Design Director

Carry Gear Solutions

VAGARI was a pleasure to work with. Their insight and creative passion are outstanding. They instantly got our brand vision, were able to bring it to life and take our brand presence to the next level. Their willingness to collaborate to ensure they delivered the best-finished product possible showed how much they care about our company. This definitely won't be our last time working with them.

- Caitlin Lowe, Marketing Manager




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"Vertical" processes have a clear start and end-point with disconnect for improvement. A process in the real world is more than "vertical". It's a continuous "loop" that keeps improving the more times the process is executed. The only way to improve is through consistent collaboration, testing, analyzing and adapting. This is why we created our own product process called Orbital Adaptive Integration. Our process is quicker to adapt to changes because it's designed to integrate ALL the important parts it takes to make remarkable product into ONE collaborative process. Orbital Adaptive Integration perpetually strengthens product innovation in a system of rapidly changing external influences. 

Our Adaptive Design process for a fast-changing world.


We know first-hand what product-focused brands need because we've walked the walk. We started, operated and successfully built two internationally distributed backpack brands for nearly a decade before selling them and starting the VAGARI Design Collective. That means we get the full picture and have the unique knowledge, experience and capabilities you won't find anywhere else. Check out the extensive examples of the real-world, impactful work we've accomplished and many accolades we've received over the years.


our story.

We were born and raised in Colorado, so our obsession with gear and bags started before we can even remember. The Rocky Mountains were our playground - we practically grew up with a backpack on. Almost everyday was an adventure of some sort and all we carried with us was what we could fit in our pack. We love carry because of the freedom it brings. It empowers people to explore and that they only need to carry what is important. Less is more. 

Though we're lifelong gear heads, we got our official start in the carry business back in 2009 when we founded our own backpack brands, MHM and CO.ALITION. Starting our own brands was a difficult but a very rewarding path. It was a slow go, we had zero marketing dollars, but we kept pushing, focusing on the product above all. Eventually our grassroots efforts grew the brands from napkin drawings to the shelves of major retailers, international distribution and we were fortunate to receive many coveted design awards. We even appeared on the hit television show, Shark Tank, for our innovative bag designs.

By 2016 we decided to sell the MHM and CO.ALITION brands. We stayed with our brands for a bit but eventually decided to leave in late 2017 to pursue our vision for VAGARI Design Collective. We've always been drawn to the entire creative process of making product and the content to make it look great. However, that's just a part of the creative process.


To make the best products, we love finding clever ways to introduce them to the market and closely tracking how users experience them so we can continually improve the strategy and design. This way we stay adaptive to the faster-than-ever changing market. We loved this entire process with our former brands and we got really good at it. This is why we decided to start VDC, to focus on the side of the business we're truly passionate about. We love everything that comes with creating product, so we strive to help inspiring, gear-focused brands with our experience and services.


Jeff Popp

Founder and Product Director

​Jeff is an internationally acclaimed product and brand creator from the mile-high city of Denver, CO. He is a carry industry veteran with experience in just about every aspect of business. Jeff gained most of his experience by necessity, struggling to survive as a young 

entrepreneur. At just 22 years old he started his own backpack brands, MHM & CO.ALITION. The bag brands would go on to shake up the backpack industry, be distributed internationally and receive many coveted design awards and press for their innovations.

Jeff continued to build his brands for over 8 years until he sold them in 2016. After the acquisition, he stayed with the brands for another few years to continue his work on the product line. In late 2017, Jeff decided it was time to move on and left his backpack brands to create his current product focused venture- VAGARI Design Collective. 


When not working Jeff is usually adventuring and doing ridiculous things with his wife, Rachel, and their hounds. He enjoys just about anything to do outdoors, snowboarding, tries to play the guitar (poorly), is addicted to volleyball, traveling, and putting down tacos like a boss.


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